How to choose a Wardrobe style for your home ?

A bedroom with a stylish wardrobe can not only enhance the aesthetics of the room but also helps in keeping you organized. Its important to choose the right wardrobe style considering the factors like the size of the room, how much is needed to be stored and what kind of look is desired. Based on personal choice and taste , following are three kinds of Wardrobe style which can be selected.

Free-Standing Wardrobes

The benefit of a  traditional free-standing wardrobe is that it can be easily moved to change the look of a home, unlike other types of wardrobes. These wardrobes come in different sizes, styles and cab be made of different kind of material.  The biggest problem with free standing wardrobe is that it comes more space than a fitted door wardrobe and can be avoided if a room size is small.

Fitted Door Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes is the most popular choice while selecting the wardrobe style. This style also comes with a choice of L-Shaped , Hinge Door Wardrobe and Sliding Door Wardrobe. The biggest benefit of fitted wardrobes is the extra space you create by utilizing them. The top space which is usually not utilized in a free standing is very much utilized in a Fitted Door Wardrobes.

Walk In Wardrobes

Walk in wardrobes are the luxurious wardrobe option when you have ample of space and lot of garments & accessories to store.  A standard walk in wardrobe would have hanging and storage space on every side with perhaps a chair to one side or a bench in the middle. A walk in wardrobe could be added to a bedroom with a partition with sliding doors, or even more easily, a spare room could be converted.

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